USDA/GIPSA has updated the calibration constants August 1 2020 for the GAC 2500UGMA

Right click here to download files for DICKEY-john GAC 2500-UGMA Calibration Update AUG 2020

Instructions for updating the GAC 2500-UGMA.

Effective 01 JULY 2020 below are the latest calibration constants for the DICKEY-john ® GAC 2100, GAC 2000, and GAC 500 Grain Moisture Meters as well as instructions on how to update these. Grains that have changed for this year are Wheat HRS, Barley 6-row, and Wheat Soft White. Oats grain calibration is no longer an NTEP certified grain.

DICKEY-john GAC 2100 Calibration Constants Page One

DICKEY-john GAC 2100 Calibration Constants Page Two

DICKEY-john GAC 2100 Printable Instructions

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