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Effective May 1, 2021 USDA/GIPSA has updated the UGMA calibration constants for all UGMA Moisture Meters. If you have a Perten AM 5200-A Grain Moisture Tester, you can download those constants here. The DICKEY-john GAC 2500 calibration constants can be downloaded here.

Grain Moisture, The Most Important Test You'll Ever Take!

For nearly 20 years we have sold and supported grain instrumentation. We understand the economic importance of grain moisture measurement and stand ready to answer your questions and provide the right equipment for your operation. Whether you are a grain elevator, grain processor or farmer; give us a call for honest answers and the best equipment.

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The technology used in grain moisture testing is changing rapidly as the U.S. grain industry shifts to the new UGMA technology developed and endorsed by USDA/GIPSA. The UGMA concept provides increased moisture testing accuracy that benefits the grain elevator and the farmer.

Pro AgStar Services is a national distributor for DICKEY-john Instruments and sells and supports their GAC 2500 UGMA Moisture Meter. Learn more about this amazing new instrument in the Sales section of our website.

Pro AgStar Services is also introducing a Moisture Meter Evaluation (MME) program that provides an economincal third party evaluation of your moisture meter to new UGMA standards. More information is available in the MME section of our website.